A Manifesto for a Free Society

Andrew Yu

Revision 0.1

Revision 0.1.

This document is still a draft, and will probably stay that way in a few decades. Please apply your critical thinking skills when reading. We cannot guarentee that what we think of as facts are all true, and we cannot guarentee that other ideas apply to you. Generally, you should take this approach when reading anything that's written by a person you don't ultimately trust, i.e., yourself.

The latest Website is usually available at https://libre.andrewyu.org. The latest repository is usually available at https://git.andrewyu.org/libre.andrewyu.org.

This book is released into the public domain, as the original authors believe that knowledge is not copyrightable. The expression of contents of this book is copyrightable. But for the sake of freer sharing of ideas, we choose not to reserve copyright.

In jurisdictions that do not recognize the right to release into the public domain, as discussed in Chapter 2, the terms and conditions are:

  1. Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.